What is Picture Felting? A look at Felted Pictures by Various Artists and a Chance to Create your own

What are Felt Pictures?

When I was young I absolutely loved Fuzzy Felt. I'd create a beautiful picture (well I thought it was - I was probably 6 or 7 at the time), I'd admire it for a little while then carefully peel off each felt piece so I could create a different picture. I remember having an underwater board, a farm one and some sort of variation on 'people with different jobs'.
Now, fast forward a few years (yes, ok, maybe it's actually 40 years) and talented artists are using wool to create felt pictures on a whole new level - and I'm not sure my fuzzy felt underwater scene would cut the mustard...

Now there are fibre artists creating simply stunning images, many of them landscapes, using a very sustainable resource. Wool.

Wool fibres are used in the same way that a watercolourist uses paint, building up layers of colour then adding detail to make the image come alive.


Below are images of work from several different felt artists. Click on each image to be taken to the source and find out more about their work. Hopefully you will feel inspired enough to join our forthcoming felt picture workshop here at the Bazaar with the talented Claire Lloyd to guide you. Create a landscape from your imagination or bring along a picture of your favourite real landscape (we have plenty to chose from here in Pembrokeshire after all!) and Claire will help you recreate the view with wool. Click here to go to our workshop page.