Traditional Welsh Cawl – what’s YOUR favourite recipe?

Every country has its own national dish. Each dish reflects the culture and geography of the land. Wales has beautiful, rolling countryside, often populated with hardy flocks of sheep, and, yes, let’s face it. It often rains…

Our Welsh national dish is cawl. It’s a hearty stew of vegetables and usually, lamb. Perfect warming food after a walk in the hills or across a windswept (but beautiful) beach. Perfect for a hill farmer, or a fisherman and just about everyone else!  


Traditionally, Cawl is eaten with a handcarved wooden spoon. The spoon has an especially deep bowl to capture the chunky vegetables and tasty liquid… Antique cawl spoons are becoming more and more difficult to source as their simple charm and warm patina created by years of use has become well-loved.


Just like the myriad of environments found in Wales, there are a myriad of different recipes for cawl.

Many are handed down, generation to generation. Each cook might add a little touch of their own but the basics remain the same.

We would like to create a library of different cawl recipes, old recipes, new recipes, family recipes, pub recipes, chef’s recipes and family recipes.

We want your mother’s recipe. Your grandmothers. Your neighbours’.

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Never made Cawl?

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Later on, we’ll let you know what we plan to do with the recipes…