The Big Summer Bazaar

The Big Summer Bazaar

Celebrating all things green, growing and the great outdoors.


After the great success of our first Winter Maker's Market, (and after encouragement from many customers who enjoyed the evening), the Bazaar team has decided to create a totally different event during the early summer. After lots of head scratching and wordsmithing we've decided to call it 'The Big Summer Bazaar'.  Apparently, we were overthinking it!

The event will be focusing on green, growing and the great outdoors. Think garden party with street food, drink and a collection of locally made, locally sourced and locally grown goods to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

We've got a name for it - Now what?

Well, now we need to find lots of people to help make our event a success. We'd like to have:

Garden & Salvage

Our Bazaar Garden & Salvage Yard will be open and filled with all manner of wonderful things but we'd also like to invite traders who sell things to enhance the garden; maybe you make garden furniture, maybe you make insect hotels or bird boxes, or maybe you sell vintage garden pieces - we hope to provide a wide range of different goods.

The Great Outdoors

We want to celebrate the great outdoors and the way it can enhance our lives. We'd like traders who focus on making or using things that we can find around us. That could be a chainsaw carver or a spoon whittler or a weaver of baskets for foraging - there are so many ways we can benefit from the great outdoors.

Green and Growing Things

We'd like a selection of different plant growers able to not only sell but to give out information and support.

The Garden Party

We hope to create a wonderful atmosphere with a range of local and award winning street food and drink, some for consumption at the Bazaar, maybe some to take home. So if you're a local jam and chutney maker, or you sell welsh cakes straight from the griddle we'd love to hear from you.


Obviously many of the things already mentioned are sustainable in one way or another but we'd like to hear from those whose main focus is sustainability. Maybe you make and sell beeswax wraps, perhaps you sell bamboo toothbrushes, maybe you sell coir plant pots (instead of plastic ones) or perhaps you make chicken coops to help others source their food in a more sustainable way.

The Big Summer Bazaar will be held on Sunday 21st July, during Narberth Civic Week.

Our event will be held on a Sunday afternoon and evening, starting from 5pm - 10pm. It worked really well for our Winter Maker's Market though we will be making one small change;  the store will not be open during the day, allowing the Bazaar team to focus on creating a wonderful event, but it will be open during the event, along with our Garden & Salvage Yard.

If you believe that what you do might fit in well with our Big Summer Bazaar event, please get in touch.

The easiest way to get in touch is probably via Facebook Messenger; please find and like our FB page: bazaar.narberth and send a message with a link to your page / Instagram / or forward images of what you do. We'll get back to you with more information asap.

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