Sleeper Inspiration

A railroad tie or crosstie or railway sleeper is a rectangular support for the rails in railroad tracks. Many are lifted every year to be replaced (often by concrete versions) leaving a surplus of well-worn timber thoroughly soaked in various treatments to slow them rotting. Despite this treatment, they can have many, many uses in the garden which pose no risk. (I wouldn't advise growing veg etc. in a raised bed made from sleepers for example, nor should they be burned in an indoor open fire or wood burning stove).

After searching for some time we have managed to source a supplier so these are now available from our Garden & Salvage yard behind our Narberth Vintage Warehouse. We deliberately don't stock the perfect, grade A sleepers - we are Bazaar and specialise in the old and well-worn after all! Instead we have those that clearly show their age and heavy use. The raised grain on some of these is just stunning!

We've created a section on our Garden & Salvage Pinterest Board here to show you the many ways in which these old pieces of our transport heritage can be reused (each image has the source details). Of course, you can go out and buy new 'sleepers' but they certainly won't have the character of these and buying new when old is also available just doesn't seem very planet friendly...

  • Sleepers standing upright, buried straight into the ground or concreted into place, create a fence with gorgeous character and strength.

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