Interesting Find of the Week – A Tilley Hendon Floodlight Paraffin Lamp

During the Second World War hundreds of small, temporary airfields were set up throughout Britain. Planes, equipment and men were kept mobile; moved to where they were needed.

Tilley & Co. manufactured paraffin lamps in their Hendon factory which were easily lit and extremely mobile and during the war they made thousands of their innovative large floodlights specifically for these temporary airfields. Planes could land safely on runways in fields lit either side by these strong floodlights.  

After the war the spotlights were still produced as work lamps for the domestic market, alongside their other domestic ranges. 

We love our job! We’ve never had one of these large lamps in store before and certainly not seen one that was in use until fairly recently… 

It could be cleaned up – or left as it is.

It could be wired as an electric lamp (at the time of writing Vinterior have a pair of these lamps fixed on non-original tripods for sale at £995) or you could run it on it’s original fuel of paraffin. 

We’re not planning to do anything to it because the next owner can have the pleasure of deciding how to treat it. Could that be you?

To see a refurbished Tilley Hendon Floodlight in operation watch this YouTube film (third party site):