Exciting Expansion – Bazaar Garden & Salvage Opening Soon!

Exciting Expansion - Bazaar Garden & Salvage Opening Soon!

Gardens have more recently become more of an extra living space than the traditional domain of grey-haired ladies with floral gloves, aprons and lethal secateurs snipping immaculate roses (ok, maybe that was just my grandma), probably due to the shrinking size of new-builds and the cost of getting onto the property ladder. Space is being grabbed from anywhere possible - attics, cellars and now gardens, to fulfil the additional needs of growing families, instead of  them simply moving to a larger home.

We love the fact that as a result, gardens are becoming styled in the same way as our homes; just look at the popularity of Selina Lake's latest book, Garden Style. She approaches designing an outside space in exactly the same way as an inside one - but with greater scope for including nature. Personally it's something we've always done; for example, my potting table is a mid-century dressing table and the bunnies sleep in an old gramophone cupboard. It's nice to see this idea of garden styling becoming more mainstream rather than me being the only crazy lady who hangs mirrors in her garden...

So, almost 2 years after we first opened the Bazaar, we are expanding.

We've creatively sectioned off a portion of our outside space and set about creating a Garden & 'department' that stays true to the ideals of the Bazaar.

There's a selection of garden furniture, planters and cast iron gates set between other more unusual pieces such as an antique corn shucker (boy, is that thing heavy!) and a beautiful (and rather large) hayrack. We're gradually adding to the stock, after all, the Bazaar itself wasn't built in a day either, but you'll definitely be able to get a taste of what we're doing from day one. Which is, by the way, Saturday 28th April! The date was chosen to coincide with a lovely annual town event - The Big Plant Sale.

Opening day will also see mini-workshops in making your own willow obelisks for your garden - ask at our stand at the plant fair or in the main store for more details.



We're also really excited to announce our new collaboration with The Wildflower Nursery.

Bazaar Garden & Salvage will soon be stocking a range of different native wildflowers from them to help you bring wildflowers and the wildlife that they encourage back into your outside space. Their expert knowledge will help you choose the right plant for the right spot - you can even get specific about what type of wildlife you want to attract!

Lyndsey from the Wildflower Nursery will be at the Big Plant Sale alongside us so come say hi.



It's all so exciting!


We're looking forward to seeing you very soon...