Caring for Vintage Textiles – Bazaar Tips & Tricks Series

Our New Tips & Tricks series of Blog Posts is designed to help you create a simpler life and incorporate vintage and antique pieces into it.

We’re sharing what we’ve learned ourselves and also where we turn to when we don’t know the answers! 

We’re often asked for information on how to care for various types of antiques and vintage pieces but, despite gaining a lot of knowledge over the past few years, we can’t really be experts in everything…

Instead we’re becoming rather good at finding the right experts to get the information from.

So here is some of the information you might need to help you care for vintage textiles, from the people that really do know best..

Caring for Vintage & Antique Quilts

Caring for Old (& New) Welsh Blankets

Caring for Vintage Tablelinens & Clothes

Preventing & Getting Rid of Moths