Big Summer Bazaar – Traders Guide

The Big Summer Bazaar - background

After the great success of our first Winter Maker's Market, (and after encouragement from many customers who enjoyed the evening), the Bazaar team has decided to create a totally different event during the early summer. After lots of head scratching and wordsmithing we've decided to call it 'The Big Summer Bazaar'.  As usual we were overthinking it!

The event will be focusing on green, growing and the great outdoors. Think sustainable garden party with award winning street food, drink and a collection of locally made, locally sourced and locally grown goods to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

If you want more information about the kinds of traders that we're looking for to make #BSB successful head to our blog post here : #BSBNarberth Blog Post

#BSBNarberth will be an early evening event, starting at 5pm on Sunday, 21st July. It's one of the first events of Narberth Civic Week which brings visitors and locals alike to enjoy the range of events on offer.