Bazaar; we work the way we live…

Practising what we preach…

We know of several people who make a good living recycling, refurbishing and restoring vintage and antique furniture – but then furnish their homes with the same Ikea furniture as millions of other people across the globe. For us though, our work isn’t just a job, it’s an extension of the way that we live. 

Matilda is a beautiful Himalayan bunny and she and her big sister Rosie have been part of our family for 5 years. They live with Henry, a very distinguished lop-eared young gentleman of 2 years who sports gorgeous mustachios and grunts rather loudly if they dare to get between him and his dinner.

The three share a rather swanky bedroom – risqué I know! – of a converted antique gramophone cupboard. We bought it originally hoping to restore it and have it playing at our wedding last September but finally admitted that the mechanisms were beyond repair. We stripped them out completely and they went to a steampunk gentleman who will use the wheels, cogs and trumpet to create steampunk art. 

We cut a hole in the side of the cabinet as bunnies like to have 2 exits from any space in case of predators and the front sound grill serves as another exit. It’s also a great viewpoint of the whole of their bunny mansion, a rather large brick shed in the garden at Robin Cottage, our lovely little farm cottage amongst the trees.  


So there we are. Even our bunnies are part of our recycle, repurpose, refurbish, re-love ethos…

Does it reach every part of your life?


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