Bazaar Tips & Tricks – Crystal Care

When fine china and crystal glasses appear from the darkest recesses of kitchen cupboards to be washed ready for their annual festive outing…

(Personally I enjoy drinking from a fine glass all year round, whether it’s a cheeky glass of wine midweek or a glass of squash; it makes every drink seem special. But that’s just me!)

Some newer crystal glasses can be run (carefully) through the dishwasher but most have to be washed by hand. Oddly though, the glassware can still sometimes appear to be dirty. Streaks and clouding can easily spoil the appearance of the glass at the table but there are ways to look after vintage and antique glassware that helps to keep them sparkling.


  • First, line the bottom of your washing bowl with a clean teatowel or cloth to soften any accidental knocks.
  • Run warm water into the bowl with a small amount of washing up liquid. (Hot water will cause cloudiness in the crystal as will using too much washing up liquid.) Ensure the crystal is at room temperature and not cold from storage – a rapid change in temperature can cause the glass to shatter.
  • Wash only one piece at a time to avoid banging the pieces together. Using gloves can ensure that you don’t touch clean crystal and leave fingerprints.
  • Wash the crystal carefully with a soft cloth. If there’s a narrow opening, use a baby bottle brush to clean inside. 
  • Rinse the crystal carefully under a running tap using warm water to avoid streaks.
  • Dry each piece individually using a lint free cloth – kitchen paper can be good for this. 


Crystal that is already cloudy may be brightened back up by soaking the crystal in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water for 5 to 10 minutes before washing carefully. 


If you’re hoping to add some extra glitz and glamour to your festive table then pop in to see us at the Bazaar. We have a wide range of crystal glassware plus everything else you might need from cloths to baubles and dinner services. The pieces I’m eyeing up are the gorgeous set of 4 etched with trees in winter…so they may have gone by the time you get here!


Glassware from Breweriana, Tim Mason, Louise Bradley in the Bazaar.