About Pippin and our Dog Friendly Accreditation…



This is Pippin… our 10 week old black labrador

She works at the Bazaar with us.


Pippin is at that stage where everything placed anywhere near her is something to be used as a chew toy.

Shoes. Bags. Fingers.

They’re all tasty.

She’s also at the stage where she needs socialisation, that is, she needs to have new experiences, meet different people, meet different dogs (though she’s not allowed to play yet as she hasn’t had her second jab) and get used to lots of different things to ensure she doesn’t become a scared dog as she gets older.

Visitors are welcome to come and say hello to Pippin – in fact, we positively encourage it! (With a reminder about little teeth like needles).  


We’re really pleased to be able to display the ‘Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire’ sticker in our window. This means that all well-behaved dogs on a lead are welcome to come into the store. There’s a ready supply of fresh water, plenty of space (so no problems with waggy tails knocking things over) and of course, there’s Pippin to say hello to.