Woodwork for the terrified – scandi style decor Wed 29th Jan – 11am


There was a time when fathers and grandfathers made things in their sheds. No, we’re not being sexist – it’s just how it was.

We think that everyone who wants to should have the opportunity to try things out, which is why we’re starting our range of ‘Woodwork for the Terrified’ Workshops. (You don’t have to be terrified by the way, the mildly nervous are welcome too!)

Each workshop will help you create something pretty and / or useful that would make a perfect gift or be something to be proud of and gift to yourself! We won’t assume any prior knowledge, we’ll start from basics and we won’t leave anyone behind.

There’s no end time on this workshop as there is no pressure to finish quickly – we do however have to close at 5pm!

The first workshop will introduce you to an electric saw, teach you how to measure, cut and finish timber. Safety will be a priority throughout these sessions. You’ll create several scandi-style village houses (like the ones in lots of glossy interior magazines) in this session, but have a range of options on how to style and finish them.

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