Boro Mending & Sashiko Embroidery – 11am – 4pm Sunday 2nd Feb


This workshop combines the Japanese techniques of Boro mending and Sashiko embroidery.
Centuries ago Japanese peasants didn’t have access to new fabrics and were forced to mend worn out clothing and bedding etc. with layers of fabric recycled from even older, more tattered pieces – this technique is Boro. Over time Sashiko also began to be used. This is where simple stitches are used, generally in geometric designs, to decorate the boro mended piece and celebrate the repair. Older examples of this are now considered very valuable and are to be found displayed in museums and art galleries.
Denim is perfect for both techniques; we all manage to wear a favourite pair of jeans until they start to wear thin (or is that just me?) and originally the Japanese fabrics used would have been indigo dyed. Why not bring along a pair?
This workshop is suitable for complete beginners.
Everything required for the workshop will be provided – no surprises when you arrive; there will also be light refreshments available. (Please make us aware of any allergies beforehand). Please bring a packed lunch.

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