Get Ready for the Harvest

Get Ready for the Harvest

The farm is just beautiful right now, our first summer here.

The whole place just ‘smells’ green and it looks lush and full. Young christmas trees have lime green needles at the tip of each branch.

Where the farm is a little wilder, beneath the slow-growing trees, are tangles of brambles. Many of the flowers have been and gone and already a few of the tiny little tight blackberries are beginning to form.

Thousands upon thousands of them.

I can’t wait until the berries are ripe and luscious. My ideal late summer afternoon would be meandering around the farm carrying a wicker basket, collecting blackberries for...well, for what? I love a simple fruit salad, and a crumble. (Maybe there should be a floaty linen dress involved too? And definitely someone taking soft focus photos. And a straw hat. But I digress...)

But there are going to be a lot of berries on the farm. Maybe I ought to preserve some of the fruit?

It's a long time since I made jam or preserves of any type but I think that I may make a real effort this year. After all, fruit grown in and around our home will taste better.



In the hope of creating something to be proud of (and something that my family would be happy to actually eat) I treated myself to a new book, part of the Do series.


Do Preserve is co-authored by Jen Goss who lives not very far from us in West Wales and whom I thoroughly enjoy following on Instagram - @ourtwoacres .  The book itself is beautiful and easy to follow for amateur cooks like myself - I seriously recommend it to anyone who would like to take advantage of nature's bounty! 



Okay, so let’s assume that with the book's help I manage to make some wonderful jams from the berries around the farm and that its good enough for my family to eat. Well, I want to make it look as good as possible in the jar too, don’t I? After all, if it’s tasty I might want to gift a few jars too! Luckily I found this wonderful little tool online…

If you click on the label that I designed using the 'labelizer' it will take you straight to this lovely little tool where you can create your own labels to print.

So now we're all set.

The berries are coming on, I have my recipes at the ready and now I can print my own label to make the preserves gift worthy. All I have to do is be patient and wait for the sunshine to do it's job...

I'm not good at patient.

But I can try...



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