Traditional Welsh Cawl – what’s YOUR favourite recipe?

Every country has its own national dish. Each dish reflects the culture and geography of the land. Wales has beautiful, rolling countryside, often populated with hardy flocks of sheep, and, yes, let’s face it. It often rains…

Our Welsh national dish is cawl. It’s a hearty stew of vegetables and usually, lamb. Perfect warming food after a walk in the hills or across a windswept (but beautiful) beach. Perfect for a hill farmer, or a fisherman and just about everyone else!  


Traditionally, Cawl is eaten with a handcarved wooden spoon. The spoon has an especially deep bowl to capture the chunky vegetables and tasty liquid… Antique cawl spoons are becoming more and more difficult to source as their simple charm and warm patina created by years of use has become well-loved.


Just like the myriad of environments found in Wales, there are a myriad of different recipes for cawl.

Many are handed down, generation to generation. Each cook might add a little touch of their own but the basics remain the same.

We would like to create a library of different cawl recipes, old recipes, new recipes, family recipes, pub recipes, chef’s recipes and family recipes.

We want your mother’s recipe. Your grandmothers. Your neighbours’.

Use the comment box below to send us your recipe.

Please remember to leave your name.

Alternatively, you could email us on:

Never made Cawl?

You could start with a recipe from one of your favourite celebrity chefs…

Jamie Oliver’s Cawl Recipe on

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Elisabeth Luard’s Cawl Recipe for The Western Telegraph

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Hairy Bikers’ Recipe for Cawl on BBC Food

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Later on, we’ll let you know what we plan to do with the recipes…

Ringing the changes at the Bazaar…

The Bazaar has been open for 3 months – can you believe it?

We can’t!

Somehow we’ve managed to find time to sit and look back on the success and mistakes of the first few months.

As a result, we’ve made some adjustments.

Visit over the next couple of weeks and you’ll find more high quality vintage.

More ideas on how to use your vintage and antique pieces.

More choice.

And even more beautifully styled displays to inspire you.


We’ve got an early start today; sales spaces are being refreshed ready for exciting new traders to bring along their wares for you (and us) to enjoy.

Hope to see you soon!

A Garden can be Anywhere…

It would be lovely to have a large garden…space to create beautiful planting and spaces to sit…

however most of us don’t have that luxury. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a beautiful garden; it might just mean that we have to be more creative with our smaller space.

We might be able to give you some inspiration after spending some time online.


We did also find this idea…

Definitely a step too far though!



About Pippin and our Dog Friendly Accreditation…



This is Pippin… our 10 week old black labrador

She works at the Bazaar with us.


Pippin is at that stage where everything placed anywhere near her is something to be used as a chew toy.

Shoes. Bags. Fingers.

They’re all tasty.

She’s also at the stage where she needs socialisation, that is, she needs to have new experiences, meet different people, meet different dogs (though she’s not allowed to play yet as she hasn’t had her second jab) and get used to lots of different things to ensure she doesn’t become a scared dog as she gets older.

Visitors are welcome to come and say hello to Pippin – in fact, we positively encourage it! (With a reminder about little teeth like needles).  


We’re really pleased to be able to display the ‘Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire’ sticker in our window. This means that all well-behaved dogs on a lead are welcome to come into the store. There’s a ready supply of fresh water, plenty of space (so no problems with waggy tails knocking things over) and of course, there’s Pippin to say hello to.   


Could you deliver a Workshop at the Bazaar?


The Bazaar Workshop Programme is Currently being Scheduled…

Do you want to be part of it?



Our own painting workshop dates will be announced over the next few days. As we have our own dates in our diary now we are looking to expand the workshop programme by opening the space to artisans who wish to share their skills and knowledge with others.


Do you teach others how to dye fabrics? How to confidently crochet? How to knit? How to embroider? How to sketch? Could you introduce others to creative journalling? How to paint still life in watercolour? Can you teach others how to create origami animals?


We welcome interest from all creative types who wish to offer a workshop. Simply fill in the contact form below and we’ll send you some details in the next few days.



Interested in Delivering a Workshop? Contact Us


The Bazaar is Open for Business!

Old Hat Bazaar (or just ‘the Bazaar’ as it is rapidly becoming known), is open for business.

It’s taken a long time and a ridiculous of amount of hard work, stress-filled days and sleepless nights to get to this point. There were a couple of points where we almost gave up but we are lucky to have been supported by a fantastic team of family and friends who had every confidence in our ability to create something special.

It’s a work in progress. If I’m honest, it will probably never be finished. Always something to refresh, improve and totally change. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’d get bored!

Once the workshop is finished we’ll be able to add the fixtures and fittings and then relaunch our painting workshops. As I write, Damian is working on the wall of the workshop. Our lovely (and long-suffering) carpenter, Tony, created the sturdy stud wall and carefully installed the reclaimed sash windows that we rescued from an impending trip to the tip. I changed my mind several times about how to face the wall but finally settled on the reclaimed timber boards. They’re rough and ready – and I love them! Obviously we’ve left the really awkward bit ‘til last; I haven’t quite worked out how to fit them around the lovely top curve of the windows yet…